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We bring the future to you and your customers now.

Stereograph designs and develops real time 3D renderings used by real estate developers, architects and property agents to enable prospective owners and tenants to visualize a property – inside and out - that hasn’t been built yet. It’s called Observ3D.

Observ3D responds to the biggest challenge – how to sell something that doesn’t yet physically exist – that residential and commercial real estate developers, agents and architects are confronted when they want to begin selling or leasing their properties.

Observ3D provides an avatar-like experience of stepping into the virtual world of a building which is still on a blueprint or under construction. Viewers can travel through the rooms, change the colours of the walls and floor materials.

Observ3D is built utilizing video game engine technology and can be easily integrated with platforms used by architects and real estate developers (such as CAD and BIM). It works on any device (an iPad at home, a 3D screen in a realtor's showroom, or simply on a website).

Observ3D brings the future of a project to the present, so that sales and rentals can begin without waiting for construction to be completed.

To get a vivid illustration of the power and capabilities of Observ3D, integrate our solution with your CRM and see your project’s availability remotely. Or use the GPS feature on your iPad and manage your construction site in augmented reality.

Two of the largest real estate developers in France have radically changed the way they sell and lease properties by incorporating the Observ3D solution. Stereograph won the prestigious Innovation Challenge Award in 2013, given by Rabot Dutilleul, one of the largest construction and real estate developers in France. We also have a partnership with the MIPIM, one of the world’s largest real estate trade shows.

Please send us your blueprints or Autocad files and our team of 3D artists and engineers will create beautiful virtual models of your project and design applications for your iPAD, website and other devices.